Guided Steelhead Fishing

Winter Steelhead

Some are surprised to learn that Steelhead are a trout species. While rainbow trout are more colorful and freshwater only, steelhead travel to the sea and return to the coastal rivers to spawn in one of two runs each year – summer or winter.

Averaging around 6-8 pounds, Steelhead can reach 20 or more pounds and are infamous for their gymnastic battles and line sizzling runs, making them one of the more entertaining and fun fish to catch!

My approach to Steelhead fishing is to cover a lot of water and fish the most productive spots thoroughly. It is an interactive fishery and you’ll have a rod in your hand while we are bobber dogging, or casting a bobber and jig. No matter what, this is an exciting adventure!

Where & How We Fish for Steelhead:

We fish for Steelhead on one of these Oregon central coast waterways:

Alsea River, Siletz River, Tillamook area rivers

Techniques we’ll use:

drift, bobber fishing or bobber dogging, jig and bait

A Sample of the many Steelhead Experiences we've shared

Prepared for an Adventure?

Get ready for gymnastic battles and line sizzling runs!